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Maintenance service

Technical maintenance service is core area of “KSM” LLP work.

“KSM” LLP offers full range of services in maintenance of boiler houses, boilers, boiler equipment, and chemical water treatment, automatic safety control of boiler equipment, heat-exchange unit and instrumentation.

It doesn’t matter what type of fuel you use (gas, diesel, or coal) all boilers need to be maintained. Usually a customer meets lots of problems when he tries to service a boiler house by himself. For example: early breakdowns, boiler house emergency stop, and high fuel consumption. Therefore, we recommend to service boiler houses with the help of a specialized company “KSM” LLP.

1. Checking the correspondence of boiler operation parameters with the passport data. Visual inspection of boiler equipment, if necessary boilers are to be cleaned.
2. Checking and setting the parameters of operation of the boiler room safety automatics, including checking the sensors technical condition sensors, CH4.
3. Checking and setting up the alarm system, checking the condition of electrical panels. If it is necessary, tightening of contacts.
4. Using gas analyzer we check quality of fuel burning, stack gas composition. If necessary, combustion setting with fuel and air supply regulation.
5. Checking the automatic control system of pumps and electric drives of valves.
6. Checking the correspondence of water treatment system parameters using colorimetric method of express water analysis with the specified technological parameters.
7. Checking the technical condition of the boiler house pumps (network heating pumps, boiler circuit pumps, hot water pumps, pumping stations).
8. Checking the technical condition of heat exchangers for heating and hot water, cleaning if necessary.
9. Minor repairs of the boiler house (leaks elimination, flange connections testing, mud collectors cleaning).
10 Current  failures recovery of the equipment operation (errors recovery of burners, alarm and automation systems).

During  maintenance of boiler equipment:

  • During the first maintenance engineers of “KSM” LLP maintenance service carry out an audit of boiler house installed equipment and provide a photo report of equipment condition in a boiler house. 
  • On the basis of the collected data, the engineers of the service department of “KSM” LLP issue instructions / recommendations (statements of defects) for the equipment replacement.  Therefor it is possible to avoid sudden equipment breakdowns.
  • An audit of the equipment is carried out for each boiler house, fill in the parameter charts, all parameters of the boiler house are checked (pressure and water temperature in the boiler, networks, gas pressure, water consumption, composition of the exhaust gases, etc.). If any parameter is changed, our specialists analyze and find the reasons, which allow avoiding accidents on the equipment in advance.
  • Engineers of the service department of “KSM” LLP instruct Operators of the boiler house and a Customer with the rules of maintenance of Equipment. 

Maintained objects of “KSM” service department:

Republican state enterprise with the right of economic management “State airline “Berkut” Department of Affairs of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Technical maintenance of two boiler houses with total capacity of 18 600 kW.

“Karatau” LLP was established  in accordance with decision of the Board of the company  of “NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC #4/2 of  May 27, 2005, for the purpose of developing  the field # 2 of the “Budenovskoye” uranium deposit located in Southern Kazakhstan.

Technical maintenance of boiler houses with total capacity of 15190 kW.

«Karaganda pharmaceutical complex» LLP.

Technical maintenance of a steam boiler house with total capacity of 8 100 kg of steam per hour.
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