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Boiler house designing

The main working principal of a steam boiler house is steam production which produces saturated and overheated. When the steam boiler house is designed and assembled by the specialists of “KSM “ LLP, this equipment is produced by is the world’s leading and recognized experts in heating sphere VIESSMANN, BOSCH and BUDERUS.

Boiler house designing

A steam boiler designing is a complex and multi-step process which involves many stages with calculations and the preparation of documentation. Before the building construction and equipment assembly, it is necessary to prepare not only technical and project documentation, but prepare cost analysis and cost sheets. Even a minor mistake can put success of your project are risk. Moreover for the construction of boiler houses of different types and different capacities, you need different calculations and different projects. It is easy to get confused in all these things.

That is why it is better to commit such time-consuming and important work to high experienced specialists of “KSM” LLP.

During designing we will perform the necessary technical calculations and prepare cost analysis for you, draw scheme, graphs, explanatory notes, cost sheets, calculations and general project description. Partnership with our company will allow you to save time, get a competent ready-made engineering solution and without any problems undergo examination of a project. The choice of the main components and equipment of the boiler house at the initial stage of design will allow the customer to get required result in the future, and you will see all reliability of boiler houses. You just only need to put your new facility into service and assess the professional team work. You will only have to commission your new facility and evaluate the work of a professional team.

Turnkey individually designed project

Designing steam boiler houses of various purposes and capacities is certainly one of the main focuses of our company. However, specialists of “KSM” LLP design and install other energy facilities, including individual requests.

For example, except for steam boilers, we design boiler houses which run on other types of fuel as well as fuel storage different types of fuel (fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas and diesel fuel), gas and water pipelines, utility systems and all types of smoke stacks.

The cost of boiler house designing

The cost of the design service is calculated individually and depends on the complexity of the project. For more detailed information, please contact us and our specialists will answer all your questions and give a full consultation.

Design documentation for a boiler house:

  • Architectural and constructive decision
  • Information on installed equipment, engineering networks, information on technological solutions. (ITS)
  • (ITS 1) section Power supply
  • (ITS 2) section Water supply
  • (ITS 3) section Water disposal
  • (ITS 4) section heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • (ITS 5) section communication network
  • (ITS 6) section Gas supply
  • (ITS 7) section Technological decisions

Detailed documentation fora boiler house:

  • Architectural and constructive decision
  • Electro supply system
  • House water plumbing, waste piping
  • Boiler house and ventilation heating
  • Gas supply
  • Thermal-mechanical solutions
  • Automation of heat-mechanical solutions
  • Automation of gas supply system
  • Fire alarm system

Designing work stages:

  • Collecting of basic data and preparing technical specifications for a boiler house.
  • Signing of the design contract
  • Design work implementation
  • Agreement of the main decisions and a the project documentation, getting a positive conclusion of examination
  • Transfer a complete set of project documentation to a Customer.

We have a whole set of authorization documents (certificates, SROs, diplomas, attestation).

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