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Smoke stacks Smoke stacks
Smoke stacks Smoke stacks
Smoke stacks Smoke stacks

Smoke stacks

KSM installs European quality chimneys from Jeremias.

We choose Jeremias chimneys for the following reasons:
  • European stainless acid-resistant steel;
  • high quality TIG seams;
  • wide range of diameters;
  • ease and convenience of installation;
  • using Rockwool insulation;
  • impeccable design.

In the 12th century, different fume removal devices were widely used in European countries. Of course design was more primitive. Industrial stacks were invented only after several centuries – at the end of the 18th century. However, smoke stack designation has remained unchanged.

Industrial smoke stacks – types and purpose

Without combustion products removal it is impossible to properly operate a liquid, gas or solid powered boilers or modular boiler houses. Another issue is that we need to use different types of smoke-removing equipment for diversion of products of various fuels from different boiler houses.

Specialists of designing objects of the heating system distinguish several basic technical types of industrial smoke stacks.

Self-supporting smoke stack

  • is the most wide spread types. This is a single stack structure usually made from metal. Their height can be up to 30 meters. At the same time, this type fume removal equipment can remove combustion products from one and several (usually not more than five) flues from different facilities.
  • differ from described above one not only with one more word but in meaning. First, except for a stack there is a structural panel in this type of a flue – a truss column. Secondly, due to supporting column, the height of the truss stack can be up to 50 meters, and the diameter of the flues is up to one and a half. Productivity of this type of flue is higher than self-supporting stacks.

Column smoke stack

  • is perfect for installation in small areas or in objects located in the urban area. This type is a free-standing building structure with pretty aesthetic look, which is an undoubted advantage for some objects of urban infrastructure.

If we talk about economical options the undoubted leader is facade pipes. Significant savings of the budget and the building area is possible due to the fact that this type of stack is fixed on a building façade. That is why there is no need to install supporting structures and pour foundation.

Wall mounting flue pipes are attached on the walls. At the same time they can be located not only outside the building (like facade), but also inside if it is necessary for the project or due to structural features of a building.

It is worth noting that for each individual project of a fume removal system is designed separately – taking into account the specific features of the object. Therefore, the only true solution will be to contact specialists of “KSM” LLP.

Truss Self-supporting Column Facade
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