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Gas facilities Gas facilities
Gas facilities Gas facilities
Gas facilities Gas facilities

Gas facilities

Today there are many different types of boiler houses and support equipment which can be used for the heating residential, industrial and public buildings – natural gas powered boiler houses so-called “gas boilers”. They work exactly the same as the boiler houses running on other types of fuel: power facilities and boiler supporting equipment located in the same technical room and connected to each other.

Such gas boiler houses can be used for heating industrial enterprises, office buildings, residential apartment buildings and many other objects (for example, greenhouses) and they have economic and environmental advantages. The thing is that the cost of natural gas is lower than solid fuel, so it means consuming the same amount of fuel a gas boiler will be more economical than the boiler with the same capacity running on coal or wood.

It regards to ecology, natural gas is admitted by environmental specialists as one of the most pure types of mineral fuel while burning it is formed small amount of harmful substances.

Gas boiler houses

The principle of operation of the gas boiler house is almost the same to the principle of operation of other types of boiler houses: heating water or steam (so-called hot fluid) in a technical room and then it spreads through the heating pipes to a consumer.

“KSM” LLP is building turnkey gas boiler houses with a capacity of up to 70 MW on the basis of water-heating fire-tube boilers of the world’s leading manufacturers which guarantee not only the safety and long-term operation, but also the convenience of service.

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