Steam boiler houses

A steam boiler is equipment used in industry for technical needs and heating. The main working principal is steam production.  A steam boiler is a device which creates heat with the help of producing saturated and overheated steam. By using a steam boiler we create saturated steam with pressure up to 6 atmosphere and temperature up to +240oC.  Water is heated due to the thermal energy release by burning any fuel. Basically, this type of equipment is designed to produce steam of various pressures and temperatures in any climatic conditions and can be installed in food, oil and gas and other industries.

Working principal

The working principal and typical structure of a steam boiler is a container where pre-heated water is evaporated forming steam. Typically this container is a pipe of various sizes.  Another main functional element of the steam boiler is a furnace chamber where fuel burns.  The design characteristics of the furnace chamber depend on the type of fuel that is expected to be used in the operation of the boiler. For example for a solid fuel (firewood or coal) the lower part of the furnace chamber is equipped with a grate, where solid fuel is placed. Air passes through the grate into the furnace chamber and for an effective draft (air movement and fuel burning) - a chimney is installed in the upper part of the furnace.


Steam boilers are two or more modules assembled in a single unit. The number of modules used to assemble a particular steam boiler directly depends on the required capacity of the equipment and the filling features. Moreover, if necessary, the steam boiler can be supplemented with the necessary number of extra rooms.

The modules of the steam boiler are framed metal structures with fences of different thicknesses sandwich panels. During transport the missing walls are temporarily replaced with removable panels. To prevent moisture ingress during the assembly, special sealing is laid in the joints between the roof and the wall panels.

There are two installation options. The first one is with a separate roof for each module and the second one is with a single roof for the whole module block.

Current widespread boilers are modernly and high-quality equipped that allows long-term and safe operation, last but not least convenient and fast maintenance. For example, when assembling and installing steam boilers, KSM uses the equipment of such leading German manufacturers as VIESSMANN, BOSCH and BUDERUS.

Most of all boilers are used to solve complex technological tasks and maintenance heating equipment in process time of the industry, including food, chemical, medicine, mining, etc.

Types and structure of steam boilers

Used steam boilers differ in their productivity.  It becomes possible to complete boiler houses with those steam boilers that are suitable to a customer for power. All kids of fuel are used with steam generating boilers.

Steam modular boiler houses are fully automated. There is no need to constantly control a boiler that reduces the financial costs of maintaining this equipment. Information about working process goes to the dashboard and is analyzed by an automatic control system. 

In case of breakdowns in the boiler house, information about them automatically transmitted to the duty operator which allows taking the necessary measures to rectify discovered violations.

Buy a steam boiler house

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