Individually designed boiler houses

Individually designed boiler houses can be installed in recently built or existing facilities, buildings which are located on a Customer’s territory. While building easy to assemble and quickly erectable structure are used mostly. When there is a concern about supplying heating to large facilities (microdistricts, residential complexes, public and industrial buildings), stationary boiler houses are installed. This type of boiler-house differs from the block-modular system by the installation characteristics and lack of transportability. If other types of boiler houses (block, modular) are made up of ready-to-operate separate unit-modules with low capacity, the stationary ones are separate (independent) structures. The building of such a boiler house can be made of different material. It can be metal structures with “sandwich” panels, brick or concrete structures. Usually they are installed on a prepared foundation and cover pretty large area. At the same time, such kind of boiler house might be installed for quite a long time, because it is delivered to a customer in individual elements. It requires additional lifting equipment so it is very difficult to transport and install such kind of boiler house. Stationary boiler houses do not have any special limitations in capacity, parameters and productivity. The company “KSM” LLP individually designs, installs, startups water-heating and high-temperature boiler houses run on different types of fuel (natural gas, liquid gas, diesel fuel, fuel oil).