Block Modular boiler houses

Block modular boiler houses are used as independent source of heating, ventilation, hot water supply in heating supply systems. Block modular boiler houses (BMBH) are liquid fuel, liquid and natural gas powered.
Nowadays this type of heating equipment, which is used in industry or domestic purposes, is more perspective one. Firstly, the operation of this type of boiler-houses is more economically attractive, and secondly, BMBH are an autonomous source of heat, They allow the consumer not to depend on power outage or seasonal heat outage.



Modular boiler houses

“KSM” LLP company provides for the partners and clients own designed BMBH “Victoria”. They are designed for a wide range of consumers, since they are represented in the capacity range of 300 to 30 000 kW and are suitable for domestic and industrial heat and water supply systems.
In addition to above-mentioned wide range of capacities, “VICTORIA” BMBH, made by "KSM" LLP, have a number of other advantages. First of all they have passed the necessary certification and are officially authorized for operation in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan – so you don’t need any other documents and permits.

“Victoria” BMBH doesn’t need capital cost for its construction and if necessary its high mobility allows using them as temporary heating supply or transferring them to another place. “VICTORIA” modules are equipped with all necessary safety devices that meet Kazakhstan and European requirements.


If you want to buy “Victoria” BMBH, contact “KSM” LLP by telephone numbers which are mentioned on the website or by filling in a questionnaire. Our specialists will answer all your questions and advise you to choose optimal capacity and assembly.

Block modular boiler house installation

Installation of “Victoria” boiler houses can be in 2 types of assembly – standard and additional. Our equipment and pipelines are tested at a manufacturing factory, so a high degree of factory availability is provided for any equipment.

Standard assembly

  • well-equipped module
  • Viessmann, Vitoplex 100 (type PV1) boilers
  • Buderus (BOSCH), Logano (SK 645, SK 745, SK 755) boilers
  • Riello burners
  • Elco burners
  • fuel and gas supply system (inside)
  • Autonomous system of control of air pollution (for gas modifications)
  • Wilo pumps
  • Grundfoss pumps
  • Elbi expansion tanks
  • control box of a boiler house
  • Sauter, ARI-Armaturen safety devices
  • Elbi water storage tank
  • water treatment system
  • emergency lighting
  • fire alarm syster
  • air heating system
  • isolation valve
  • Smoke stacks h=6m

Additional assembly

  • Viessmann,Vitoles 200 (type SX2), Vitomax (type 100LW, M62A) boilers
  • Buderus (BOSCH), Logano (type S825), UNIVERSAL (type UT-L) boilers
  • Duotherm (POLYKRAFT) boilers
  • Rielo burners (modulation)
  • Weishaupt burners
  • control box of a boiler house with 15-inch touch screen
  • water heating system
  • dispatch control
  • stainless steel smoke stacks

Types of fuel for block modular boiler houses

  • natural gas
  • liquid gas
  • diesel
  • combined fuel (gas or diesel)

Size of standard assembly

Capacity range, kW

LxWxH, mm


6 000 х 3 000 х 3 000

1 001 – 1 900

6 000 х 6 000 х 3 000

1 901 – 4 000

9 000 х 6 000 х 3 000

4 001 - 6 000

12 000 х 6 000 х 3 000

6 001 – 8 000

12 000 х 12 000 х 3 000

8001 <

individually designed

Delivery time of block modular boiler houses

The system of modular delivery of “VICTORIA” boiler houses allows in the shortest time to install one or several modules boiler house. You just need fill in the questionnaire and contact our specialists. 

Guarantee maintenance period

All equipment is subject of manufacturer warranty. Equipment’s cost effectiveness and reliability is achieved by high-tech equipment of leading European manufacturers.