Individually designed boiler houses

Steam boiler houses for technological process

Stainless steel smoke stacks

Block Modular boiler houses

Month project

Construction of the ferry complex in “Kuryk” port and exploitation of universal cargo/passenger ferries in Aktau

Block Modular Steam boiler houses with a capacity of 2080 kW, the main fuel is liquid gas

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Total capacity of objects (kW)


The quantity of completed projects


The quantity of produced steam (kg/h)


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Boiler house designing

The main working principal of a steam boiler house is steam production which produces saturated and overheated.

Maintenance service

Technical maintenance service is core area of “KSM” LLP work.

Map of the projects

Why you should choose us

Guarantee period from 1 year + High quality service

Delivery and installation throughout the RK

Conformity with the highest safety requirements

Any complexity boiler house production

About the company

Today «KSM» LLP is one of the leaders in Kazakhstani energy market. We design and start-up system of heating and hot water supply, “Victoria” modular boiler houses, industrial and residential boilers operating on different types of fuel.  “Victoria” modular boiler house is our unique self-design project which can help our clients to economize on resources for heating any facilities without ecological and quality damage.

Boiler house purpose

Boilers which we produce can solve your problems to supply consumers in housing stock and industry with heating and hot water. Moreover without extra costs we provide emergency (or temporary) heating supply to assets under construction and emergency facilities.  

“KSM” LLP boilers are fully automated and able to work without 24-hour support staff presence. All boilers are individually designed taking into account the specific features of a project and your wishes upon completion and work. 

Installation and start-up works

We install and start-up boilers of our production by ourselves. Our staff is high qualified and wide experienced people. 

We are professional and dedicated team which is constantly improving in order to provide up to date engineering solutions.  

Our staff trained by the leading European corporations like   «VIESSMANN», «BOSCH», «WILO», «RIELLO» etc.  We constantly use equipment which is produced by these plants. First place amount the installation companies of Kazakhstan in boiler houses realization from the German company “Viessmann” (according to the results of the previous year), burners working on diesel and gas fuel of the Italian company “Riello”.

What will you get as a result?

As the results of partnership with our company you will have fully automated and ready to work block modular boiler house designed and installed for individual needs of your company.  

We have everything you need to fulfill all obligations of our clients and partners on time. We guarantee quality of our services and always ready to offer optional solutions for realization even the most complicated and energy-intensive projects.   

We implement all projects at a high professional level and in the shortest time. Our professionalism has been proved by years of working: in last six years we have implemented 98 successful projects, including hot-water boiler houses with a total capacity of 310,241 kW and steam boiler houses with a total capacity of 145,800 kg / h.